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Pushing the contribution funnel.

Floris van Geel

Zelfje in IRC

Drupal Entrepeneur
work ~60% for clients
~40% product development.



  • Problem
  • Promote Drupal Intiative
  • Marketing 101
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Integration
  • Closure


Each year i visit a drupalcamp or CON i meet the same people, all just as nice and great but all got to be one year older.

This is unhealthy for our community, if we don't chage this we'll be unsignificant in 5 to 10 years.

photo by Yes Moon

Phase 1: Update Drupal's brand and strategic messaging to connect with new decision makers and influencers
Phase 2: Provide sales and marketing materials that everyone can use (and translate!)
Phase 3: Coordinate PR campaigns
Phase 4: Create "marketing campaigns in a box" to support localized ad and industry event marketing.

Rebecca Pilcher @RyeBurd, Director, Marketing Communications

Marketing 101

  • “Just” communication
  • Telling others who you are and what you do
  • “I’m Floris. I like cooking”
  • Not Sales
  • 10,000 people aware
  • 1,000 interested
  • 100 deciding what to do
  • 10 acting now

Tweaking the Funnels

CRM integration

    "type": "LivechatOfflineMessage",
    "sentAt": "2017-04-23T07:20:53.867Z",
    "visitor": {
        "name": "name from the form",
        "email": "info@my-email.tld"
    "message": "message from the form"

Marketing Automation

Marketing automations helps you save time by handling marketing and sales tasks on pre-defined schedules, and by gathering critical and useful information into a certain location to help sales teams focus on the right potential customers and leads at the right time
Matic is the only free, open source marketing automation
  • Lead nurturing and tracking
  • marketing campaigns
  • dripflow programs
  • landing pages
  • social media


Watching and tracking what visitors to your website do aon your site and also what they do elsewhere

Two types of Lead Specific Details

anonymous or known


Points give weight to potential leads and are the key feature for a strong marketing workflow.
Drip Campaigns
Acquia Mautic Blog Post


CrmCore, AgileCRM, Erpal etc.
All are too basic or over complicated.
Currently there is only 2 open source options:
SuiteCRM (open source fork of Sugar)
CiviCRM (used by DA, double database)

Current features

API first CRM in Drupal 8

  • import from XLS
  • import from SalesForce
  • import from SuiteCRM
  • Synchronize with Mautic

Lead sorting

Marketers have to report on progress.
We have to teach them to use issueQ!
Find out their KPIs and improve.
Make reporting intuitive and easy
(don’t just connect Google Analytics and walk away)
You have the valuable insights to make this community grow again.

29 June 2019


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