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work ~60% for clients
~40% product developent.

Table of Contents

  • What is?
    • Some history
    • Slack vs Rocket.chat
    • Jitsi Meet
  • Drupal Module
  • Roadmap
  • Call to Action


  • Created by Jarkko Oikarinen
    in August 1988 in Finland
  • Adapted word wide in the '90s
  • Decentralised Network
  • Open access and source
What Slack
App Slack Rocket
Platforms Web, iOS Android OSX Windows Web iOS Android OSX Windows Linux
License Proprietary M.I.T.
Hosting options Hosted Hosted & self-hosted
Screensharing No Yes
Service integrations Yes Yes
DIY integrations Yes Yes
Videoconferencing No Jitsi.meet
Mac OS Client Yes Yes
iOS Client Yes Yes
IRC Gateway Yes Yes
XMPP Gateway Yes Yes
Drupal module

Is it GPL2?

After some allignment it was.

Currently working

  • Livechat from Drupal website.
  • Rocket.chat functionality
  • Video conferencing
Livechat integration

CRM integration

    "type": "LivechatOfflineMessage",
    "sentAt": "2017-04-23T07:20:53.867Z",
    "visitor": {
        "name": "name from the form",
        "email": "info@my-email.tld"
    "message": "message from the form"

Roadmap scope

  • Interacting with your community.
  • Company chat
  • Public chat

Draft Roadmap d.o.

  • Direct messaging between individuals.
  • Private groups.
  • Notifications wherever you are
  • Link conversation to documentation
  • File sharing.
  • Screen sharing.

Roadmap next steps

  • Collaborating on project documents (asynchronous).
  • Storing all communications for future reference and legal reasons.
  • Keeping documents and communications completely secure

Upstream is Prepared :)



  • Communities :)
  • CRM integrations
  • Collaboration
  • ...

Stop Slacking

when the universe is our limit